The Good Days and Bad Days of Back Pain

When I was a young man I used to hear people just a few years older than me complaining about back pain. I knew a fellow who was only about 50 who walked with a walker because his lower back hurt so bad. I actually thought he might be trying to scam the system, because he had what he called “good days” where he did not use the walker as much. Now that I’m 50, I know what me meant about having “good days.” If it weren’t for the expertise of my chiropractors, I probably would not be able to get out of bad.

The pain can be so debilitating. I am afraid of getting any back surgery. I talked with surgeons, and they advised me of plans to try this and try that, but they could not give me any guarantee that even a successful surgery with zero complications would even relieve any pain. They just kept telling me things such as “that is the goal.” Wow! I know what the goal is. Looking at the statistics for back surgery put me off from trying it. My pain got really bad, and I could hardly get around. Chiropractors got me moving and walking again. I was able to regain a lot of strength and range of motion by just being able to move throughout the day with less pain. As I moved more and got stronger, my pain subsided more and more.

I go back in for regular adjustments, massage therapy, heat and electrical stim therapy too. I am so much better than what I used to be with my back. I have a lot more “good days” now than bad ones, and the bad ones are not that hard to deal with. They no longer knock me out of commission for weeks at a time.