I Do Not Ever Want to Live Anywhere else

When you think of Phoenix, you may not realize that mountain climbing and hiking are both very popular. I do both often, and I also go to a Phoenix chiropractor to help keep my body in good shape so that I can continue participating in my two favorite hobbies. Staying active is something that I need to do in order to continue to stay happy, so I go to the chiropractor often and I also do other things to stay in good shape like eating well, working out and stretches.

Most people think of desert, cactus and extremely hot, dry temperatures when they think about the city that I live in. They also don’t realize that only part of the state is filled with hot desert and mountains. The other part of the state is filled with thick, lush forests and mountains. I love that the terrain changes when you drive a few hours away. During the winter, I drive with friends to the top of the state to go snow skiing and snowboarding.

I have visited a lot of states in this country, and so many of them are very pretty. However, none of them have my heart like my home state does. It does get really hot during the summer, but I often do things like waterski or go swimming in local creeks during the summer. There are a lot of things to do here, and it is one of the reasons why I will never move away. I do not like living in really hot climates all year round, but it is nice to be able to drive just a few hours away to be around the snow and ice when I feel like it. As soon as I get tired of it, I just drive back home to nice, warm weather again.