Identifying the True Pain Cause

My cousin complained about back pain when he was riding in my car one day. He thought the car seat might be causing it, but I told him that it would be best if he went to one of the Cumming chiropractors, because something was probably wrong with his back. He was sure that his back was fine, but he took my advice anyway, and learned that he had a pulled muscle that would heal eventually, as long as he gave it time. I wondered how he pulled his muscle in the first place and didn’t realize it.

I asked my cousin if he had done anything that would have caused him to pull a muscle, and he couldn’t think of anything. I helped him retrace his steps to the day he first started feeling the pain. There was one thing that he thought of that he didn’t realize. Before I picked up my cousin, he had been watching an exercise program on television. This was a yoga program, which sounded good, but my cousin had never done yoga in his entire life, so he was not prepared for it, nor did he stretch, which resulted in him having the back injury.

What’s even more funny is that my cousin has always been against yoga because he thought it was for girls. He would always ridicule anyone who did it, especially the men. He was the same way with pilates too. Now that I know that he’s done yoga unsuccessfully, he can’t really make fun of it anymore. I guess once his back is done healing, he’ll be signing up for a yoga class. Then again, the pain in his back may have put him off from doing yoga ever again. Either way, if he talks about yoga again, I’ll bring up this incident.