Are You Deficient in Key Vitamins?

I never thought about vitamins until a San Francisco chiropractor happened to mention them during a visit I made for shoulder pain. He asked if I took any supplements and I replied that I never did. He then asked about my diet and I had to admit I don’t eat all that well. I never have. I grew up as a latchkey kid back in the 1980s and my parents left me to my own devices when it came to food. The result is that I developed a lifelong affinity for junk food. The chiropractor said we should take a closer look.

A few tests later and the numbers didn’t look all that good. I’m quite deficient in Vitamin D, which can be a very serious issue on many fronts. That vitamin is essential for bone health, but it’s also needed for everything from your heart to your kidneys. I had to admit I often felt worn down and tired, and the chiropractor said it’s likely due to that deficiency. One thing led to another and I walked out with instructions to pick up several key vitamins that most people don’t get enough of due to poor diets.

The one that really surprised me is Magnesium. That vitamin is absolutely essential to living a healthy life, and the chiropractor mentioned that almost everyone doesn’t get enough because modern agriculture doesn’t replenish the soil in a way that results in vegetables containing enough of this vitamin. It’s possible we have a problem with heart attacks in this country because Magnesium helps keep the heart healthy. My head was spinning as I walked out, and I resolved to follow his advice and load up on supplements. Doctors say they don’t do anything for you, but the evidence says otherwise. They’re crucial to a healthy life.