I Had a Back Injury at Work

I had heard of chiropractic adjustments before, but I really did not know what one was. It is kind of like hearing about a colonoscopy, but not really understanding the entire ordeal if you have never been through it before. When I fell at work and hurt my back, my boss suggested that I look into one of the Concord chiropractors and get some adjustments done. Rather than ask him what the benefit of that would be, I decided to go online and get the most accurate information that I would be able to find out about it.

I went to the website of a local chiropractor, and I was able to get so much information from just that. I felt extremely confident making an appointment after understanding that this is a common procedure that has brought relief to countless people. I was not in excruciating pain, but it was bad enough to where I knew that I needed something more than pain pills from the shelf of the local pharmacy. I called to explain what had happened, and I was able to get in later that day since it was affecting my job duties.

I thought that was really nice of them to accommodate me, especially since I had never been there before. I learned through subsequent visits though that it is just the way they are overall. The entire chiropractic staff is friendly and professional, and they have worked with me since I have a pretty chaotic schedule. The bottom line is they were able to do a series of manipulations on my spine, and they worked just as the doctor said they would. I was no longer in pain after my third visit, and I understand the importance of maintaining this so I don’t have any setbacks! I don’t think there is a chance of not maintaining it because I like how it makes me feel.